Bewilderbeast Collections are Collections that once all items are gathered, you will receive a Primal Dragon for each completed collection.

The Bewilderbeast Collections for Primal Dragons will only become available after the Bewilderbeast has been unlocked. Unlocking it can be done by completing the following Collection:

Bewilderbeast Collection

Dragons Offered in Bewilderbeast Collections:

There are no Resource Collections in the Bewilderbeast Collections anymore, so every Bewilderbeast Collection is guaranteed to be for a Primal Dragon.

Needed Collectibles

Every Collection for a Primal Dragon consists of any random combination of 6 of the following Collectibles:

Primal Metal Urn
Primal Gold Bag
Primal Metal Fruit
Primal Metal Axe
Primal Gold Scroll
Primal Metal Totem
Primal Metal Shield
Primal Gold Flask
Primal Gold Sail
Primal Crystal Emblem


The needed amount is only dependent on the Collectible itself and does not change for other Bewilderbeast Collections.

Collection Design

New Look
Bewilderbeast Potential Collections 02
Old Look
Bewilderbeast Potential Collections

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