This is a location in the game that can be searched using Toothless.

Search time: 4h

Toothless Level: 28

An extra search bag can be purchased for 25 Rune Icon.
Two extra search bags can be purchased for 47 Rune Icon.

Possible rewards

Black Heart Bay


Located on the southern shores of Berk,
this large bay is surrounded by giant
cliffs and isles. It's the perfect habitat
for the Thunderdrum who's comfortable
both in and out of the water.

Up to version 1.3.9 a Changewing Egg could be found at this location.
From version 1.5.11 onwards, this was changed to a Shockjaw Egg.

Up to version 1.3.9 this location had a 12h search time.
From version 1.5.11 onwards, this was changed to a 4h search time.

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