Book of Dragons

The Book of Dragons is just what it sounds like; a book about dragons!

This book is also the shop where information about each of the 435 different Dragons can be found.

The Book of Dragons will also indicate if the Dragons can be purchased directly with Runes Rune Icon.

The Book of Dragons in the Dragons: Rise of Berk game are categorized with the help of two different tabs:

The first tab in the Book of Dragons defines the sources from which the Dragons may be obtained:

The second tab in the Book of Dragons defines the possession status of the displayed Dragons:

  • No Filters
  • Dragons Owned
  • Dragons Not Owned
  • Best Fish Collector
  • Best Wood Collector
  • Best Iron Collector
  • Fish Collect Time
  • Wood Collect Time

If no filters are selected, then all Dragons are listed with the other Dragons of their Flock.

The book is frequently updated.

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