To Brokkr's Hold
Expanding to Brokkr's Hold increases the available space on Berk.
(Expanding to Brokkr's Hold is a requirement for completing the Looking Back quest.)

Brokkr's Hold also has the Iron Storage, Gobber's Hut, The Smithy and The Great Forge that can built.


Population required: 2,000 Vikings

Cost: 350,000,000 Wood

Building time: 5d

Needed Expansion: Berk

Further Expansions: Death's Head, Berserker Island - Section 1 and Dragon's Edge


Brokkr's Hold is unlocked with the following Obstacles:

  • Sapling x5
  • Thicket x15
  • Grove x2
  • Woodland x1
  • Forest x1
  • Coppice x2
  • Rock x2
  • Spar x2
  • Crag x2

Brokkr's Hold

Expansion Brokkr's Hold
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