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In Dragons: Rise of Berk, you help Hiccup teach Vikings and Dragons how to live together and build up the village of Berk. As your dragons grow, so does your Village!

Hiccup and Toothless search for Dragon Eggs on the islands around Berk: Select Toothless' roost and tap the Search button, then choose the dragon you want to find, and select 1-3 saddlebags that you want to fill on this trip.
Toothless' level determines which dragons can be found during a Search.
Toothless can find Dragon Eggs, Collection Items or resources such as Fish Fish, Wood Wood and Runes Rune Icon.

All Dragon Eggs are hatched at the Hatchery. Once the Egg is hatched, you will see what kind of Dragon you've found!
You can then place the baby dragon on the island of Berk.

You must feed dragons so they can grow and acquire skills. Select a dragon and press the FEED button to spend a certain amount of Fish Fish.
After 3 feedings (After Titan stage there are 4 feedings), the dragon gains a level. The dragon's skills improve, and the feed costs increase.

After a certain number of feedings, the dragon requires TRAINING at the Dragon Academy. Training takes Time Time and Wood Wood, it gives the dragon a level increase, and may unlock a new skill or a new appearance.
Dragon training is limited by the current level of the Dragon Academy.

At Level 51 and Level 90, dragons require TITAN-TRAINING with Valka at her Sanctuary in order to grow. Titan-training takes time Time and either Wood Wood or Iron Iron-Icon, and is not always successful on the first try. If Titan-training is unsuccessful, you gain Resources such as Fish Fish or Runes Rune Icon and an increased chance to success on the next attempt.

Dragons may have three jobs: FISHING, LOGGING and IRON.  When a dragon has the Fishing skill, press the FISH ICON Fish to send that dragon to an available Fish Hut spot. When a dragon has the Logging skill, press the WOOD ICON Wood to send that dragon to an available Sawmill spot. When a dragon has the Iron skill, press the IRON ICON Iron-Icon to send that dragon to the The Smithy.
Dragons have a specific fishing/logging/iron RATE and a fishing/logging/iron TIME LIMIT. Dragons will perform their jobs until the time limit is reached, or you can press the CALL BACK button to stop them.
Each Fish Hut and Sawmill can be upgraded to hold a maximum of 3 dragons simultaneously. The Smithy has unlimited spots.

Dragons can be stored in the Dragon Hangar to make room for new dragons. To store a dragon, select its roost, press its info and select HANGAR.
To return a stored dragon from the Hangar to Berk, go to the Hangar, select OPEN, choose the dragon, and press PLACE.

You can release unwanted Dragon Eggs or Dragons in exchange for a certain amount of Fish Fish.
You can release a Dragon Egg instead of placing it in the Hatchery.
You can release a Hatched dragon instead of placing it on Berk.
You can release a Stored dragon from the Hangar instead of placing it on Berk.

Toothless' level determines which Dragons are available in the Store. Press the Dragon Egg button on the bottom left of the screen and select the dragon you want to buy.
You can also buy unique dragons, such as Stormfly, Meatlug, Barf & Belch or Hookfang.

The Card Packs were introduced with Version 1.14.9 of the game.
Pick or purchase Card Packs for rewards of Runes Rune Icon, Fish Fish, Wood Wood, Iron Iron-Icon, Battle Gears Gear, Collection Items or Dragons. .
You can also buy Card Packs, such as the Rare Card Pack, Premium Card Pack and on certain occasions: Special Event Card Packs in exchange for real currency.
Version 1.30.14 introduced the Flock Packs. Collect an entire Flock from the Book of Dragons and receive one or more Flock Packs delivered to your inbox.

The Monthly Feast (Monthly Event) was introduced April 2017.
The Feast resets at the beginning of every month
Missed a day? Don’t worry, continue where you left off!
Receive rewards of Runes Rune Icon, Fish Fish, Wood Wood and Odin Coins Odin Coin daily.

Berk needs Vikings as much as it needs Dragons. You need to have a certain Viking population in order to place dragons, buy buildings, or upgrade buildings.
Your VIKING LIMIT is the maximum number of Vikings you can currently hold on Berk. Your Viking Limit can be increased by upgrading the Meade Hall.

To add more Vikings to Berk, you must buy new Viking homes. Select the Viking display to open the Viking store and see which buildings are available. Place the buildings on Berk to add more Vikings to your population.

You can upgrade almost any building on Berk.
Select the building and press the Upgrade button. When the upgrade is complete, the building statistics are improved.
You can also repair and later upgrade the home for the main Dragon Riders: Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Ruffnut & Tuffnut.

In Dragons: Rise of Berk, Berk starts off as a small island...but does not stay small for long! You can repair bridges connecting to new islands of Berk.

You can clear Trees and Rocks from Berk by spending Fish Fish or Wood Wood.
Clearing Trees rewards you with an amount of Wood Wood. Clearing Rocks gives you an amount of Runes Rune Icon.

Dreamworks Dragons: Rise of Berk uses six resources:
Fish Fish
Wood Wood
Iron Iron-Icon
Odin's Coins Odin Coin
Runes Rune Icon
Seasonal Currency Freya's Flower
Fish is stored in the FISH BASIN. Wood is stored in the WOOD STACK. Iron is stored in the IRON STORAGE. You can upgrade these buildings to increase your storage capacity.
Fish and Wood are earned by dragons working at Fish Huts and Sawmills, clearing trees, releasing Dragons, completing explorations, completing missions or from Card Packs. Iron is earned by dragons working at The Smithy and from Card Packs.
Runes are earned by clearing rocks, completing explorations, completing missions or from Card Packs.

You can purchase Fish, Wood and Runes directly from the store. First, at the top of the screen select the resource you want to buy to open the appropriate store.
You can buy full or partial refills of Fish Fish and Wood Wood from the store. The amount of Fish or Wood is determined by your storage capacity.
You can buy Runes Rune Icon in fixed bundles in exchange for real currency.

Characters in Berk will give you quests to complete. Select a character portrait under the Mission Scroll to the left of the screen to begin a quest.
Quests reward you with a combination of Fish Fish, Wood Wood, Runes Rune Icon, Battle Gears Gear, Collection Items or Card Packs.

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When your profile is linked to your Facebook account, your progress in the game is automatically saved on their servers, and is accessible at any time from any computer, iPhone/iPad or Android device.

This application can be played without using a Facebook account simply by selecting "Guest" in the login screen. A Guest account can only be accesed from the device it was created on. Guest accounts lack key connectivity features with your friends. Your progress in Guest mode is saved even if you choose to create a profile with Facebook.

The Mailbox contains news and announcements of upcoming and current special events, sometimes it may also contain Rune Rune Icon Gifts from the developers.

The Options menu allows you to set audio preferences, log in/out, view game information, or turn notifications on/off.

The game requires an active Internet connection to properly function. In order to play this game, make sure your computer, iPhone/iPad or Android device is connected at all times to the Internet.

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