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VB Viking Villa.png

Viking Buildings allow you to increase the Viking population of your village.

Viking Buildings can be purchased from Meade Hall or upgraded in The Great Forge with the level of Meade Hall and The Great Forge determining the maximum population of your village.


Each Viking Building constructed in your village increases the number of Vikings in the village instantly.

Each Viking Building that is upgraded in your village increases the number of Vikings in the village instantly.

Certain buildings upgrades, village expansions and clearing obstacles require a minimum number of Vikings to achieve.

List of Viking Buildings

Viking Building Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Size Amount
Grooming Station
VB Grooming Station.png
Grooming Station Lv 2 - VB.png
4x4 3
Town Square
VB Town Square.png
Town Square Lv 2 - VB.png
4x4 6
Viking Cabin
VB Viking Cabin.png
Viking Cabin Lv 2.jpg
4x4 10
Viking Hearth
VB Viking Hearth.png
Viking Hearth Lv 2 - VB.png
4x4 11
Viking House
VB Viking House.png
Viking House Lv 2 - VB.png
4x4 4
Viking Hut
VB Viking Hut.png
Viking Hut Lv 2 - VB.png
3x3 8
Viking Lodge
VB Viking Lodge.png
N/A 5x5 5
Viking Shack
VB Viking Shack.png
Viking Shack Lv 2 - VB.png
3x3 15
Viking Villa
VB Viking Villa.png
N/A 6x6 2
Water Tower
VB Water Tower.png
N/A 5x5 2
Weather Vane
VB Weather Vane.png
Weather Vane Lv 2 - VB.png
3x3 4
VB Windmill.png
Windmill Lv 2 - VB.png
5x5 3
Yak Farm
VB Yak Farm.png
N/A 5x5 5

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