Defending Berk

Defend Berk is a gamemode in Dragons: Rise of Berk.
The gamemode becomes available once the player reaches Meade Hall Level 5 and has 2 or more dragons at Level 12.

Defend Berk was originally called Battle and Defender Dragons were called Battle Dragons.


Defend Berk is a tower defense gamemode, with the player needing to protect Berk by using Dragons, the Catapult and Flares. It is also a game of strategy.
At the start of the round, you get 30 seconds to scout out the ships, meaning that you can view the ship's level, attack and health. You can finish the round by destroying the Flagship, which also loses health when you defeat it's fleet members as well.

There are three Keys that you can get. The Flagship sends out catapult attacks on Berk, and this will damage it. If Berk takes too much damage, then you will lose up to 3 keys.

Losing the third key means one of three things:

A: All of your dragons were defeated.

B: You surrender.

C: Berk takes too much damage.

You can release dragons to fight for Energy Energy Icon.
Using the Catapult also takes Energy Icon.
Using a flare also uses Energy Icon.

The difficulty of the game is scaled by the level of your top five Battle Value dragons. This includes ALL dragon Breeds and Rarities that are in the player's game at the time.
Each Dragon's Battle Value begins at level 12 of their individual growth. (Unless they are a Flightless Dragon, which cannot Brawl)


Energy Energy Icon is the currency that is used to deploy Dragons, launch the Catapult, and firing a Flare. You will always start with 30 Energy Icon.


Battle Mode was said to be coming around October 2014, but needed more time.
Defend Berk was finally released on December 02, 2014.
Battle Dragons were officially changed to Defender Dragons with version 1.19.16 on May 26, 2016.



The Catapult is a weapon used with your dragons when in Battle Mode. It requires increasing amounts of energy.

To upgrade the Catapult you have to reach certain fleets and defeat them, e.g. Fleet 10 to level 2, etc.


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