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Latest Update:

Version 1.59.x

The leaves have started to fall on Berk and a NEW season comes with a NEW update! This update focuses mainly on NEW content, like Dragons, Costumes and Decorations.

  • NEW Limited Seasonal Event - Loose Leaves
  • Visit the Berk Market to exchange the seasonal currency Loose Leaves for Dragons, Dragon costumes, and NEW Seasonal Decorations.
  • Keep an eye on the timer in the Berk Market Seasonal tab to know exactly when one Season ends and the following season begins.
  • NEW Species Flame Whipper
  • NEW Dragon Flock
  • NEW Seasonal Decorations
  • NEW Dragon Costumes
  • NEW Gauntlet Events
  • NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market
    NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs
  • General
    • Bugfixes.

Note: Please contact our support staff at [[1]] if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.

Note: The update rebalances all battle values. Refer to your ingame-values. The new level-cap will be inserted time-by-time. If you need one please write a comment on this dragon-page. The statistic-page will be updated after the dragon pages. The new level-cap and the battle-values will not change the ranking!

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  • Category: Games
  • Updated: September 2021
  • Version: 1.59.x
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Developer: Ludia
  • © 2021 Ludia Inc. 'How to Train Your Dragon' © 2014 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.
  • Rated 4+


Please note that as of early December, 2020, Dragons: Rise of Berk's minimum supported iOS version is iOS 11.

The following iOS devices support iOS 11 and up:

- iPhone 5s and up

- iPad 5th generation and up

- iPad mini 2 and up

- iPod touch 6th generation and up

Requires Android 5.1.x and up for Android devices (Fire OS 3 für Amazon)

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Rise of Berk is a free-to-play 'freemium' game that follows from the DreamWorks Dragons franchise.