Completing the Save Our Ship quest or directly building Eret's Boat unlocks his Quests.

Population Required: 55 Vikings

Building Time: 8h

Cost: 100,000 Wood (or 465 Rune Icon)

As of December 2017, Eret's boat can be used for trading
Raw Amber-Icon Raw Amber into Polished Amber-Icon Polished Amber.
The Polished Amber-Icon Polished Amber can then be used to purchase Decorations, which will boost the gathering rate of a dragon species, depending on the specificly named statue..

As of v1.38.12, Eret's Boat can be upgraded up to Level 5, each level allows one more Polished Amber to be made. Note:This does not reduce cost or time. For example, Polishing 5 Amber will still take 5,000 Raw Amber and 20h.

Eret's Boat

Build Eret's Boat
Eret's Boat Quest
Eret's boat is HERE!
Eret's Boat Quest Complete
Eret's Boat
Eret's Boat
Eret's Boat - winter
Eret's Boat (winter)
Eret's Boat - Dreadfall
Eret's Boat (Dreadfall)
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