Completing the Save Our Ship quest or directly building Eret's Boat unlocks his Quests.

Population Required: 55 Vikings

Building Time: 8h

Cost: 100,000 Wood (or 465 Rune Icon)

As of December 2017, Eret's boat can be used for trading
Raw Amber-Icon Raw Amber into Polished Amber-Icon Polished Amber.
The Polished Amber-Icon Polished Amber can then be used to purchase Decorations, which will boost the gathering rate of a dragon species, depending on the specificly named statue..

As of v1.38.12, Eret's Boat can be upgraded up to Level 5.
Each extra level allows one additional Polished Amber-Icon Polished Amber to be made.
Note: This does not reduce cost or time.
For example, at Level 5, it will still cost
5,000 Raw Amber-Icon Raw Amber and take 20h to produce 5 Polished Amber-Icon Polished Amber.

Eret's Boat

Build Eret's Boat
Eret's Boat Quest
Eret's boat is HERE!
Eret's Boat Quest Complete
Eret's Boat
Eret's Boat
Eret's Boat - winter
Eret's Boat (winter)
Eret's Boat - Dreadfall
Eret's Boat (Dreadfall)
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