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| Dragon’s Edge Restock
| Dragon’s Edge Restock
| 2018, Nov. ?? - Dec. ??
| 2018, Dec. 2-11
| 10
| [[Card Packs#RARE Pack|Rare Card Pack]]
| Hunter Ambush
| Hunter Ambush

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Gauntlet Event

Gauntlet Events are special limited Events, which use the same brawl mechanic as Champions of Berk, with some additional features.

During each Event, the player can fight a number of brawls, each having 2-3 waves of 1-3 rival Dragons each, to obtain a special reward for completing the Gauntlet. Only after the currently active brawl has been won, is the player allowed to advance further.

Every player has a maximum of 5 lives which deplete for every lost brawl, but are automatically generated over time, or can be bought with real money.

In addition to the final reward, there are other rewards along the way to victory. After every successfully completed Brawl, the player can collect a reward of Rune Icon, Raw Amber-Icon or different Card Packs.

On top of that, the player is allowed to spin a Prize Wheel after each victory, which may give additional rewards such as Fish, Wood, Sage Fruit temp, Action Rush template, Card Packs or Token Packs. Players with a Dragon Rider Subscription are allowed to spin an additional Prize Wheel after each battle.

Rule summary:

  • Start Event with 5 lives
  • Each Skirmish loss costs a life, lives will regenerate over time
  • No Double Action Points
  • No Draws in Skirmishes
  • Complete the Gauntlet to receive a special reward


Gauntlet Events are not available in the PC Facebook version. The reason for that being, that the Flash based system can't handle the data heavy mechanics of the Gauntlet Events.


During each battle, the health of the player’s dragons will not reset after each defeated wave. Instead, it is possible to use as many consumables during every turn as one chooses.

Gauntlet Consumables are only obtainable in the Gauntlet Event, Prize Wheel and Seasonal Statues.


Name Description
Sage Fruit Sage Fruit Use to restore Dragon’s health and remove negative effects
Action Rush Action Rush Use to refill Action bar completely


At the start of every new Gauntlet Event, the Player is given one of each for free.

If all Consumables of one type have been used up, the player may buy 3 additional ones for 285 Rune Icon.

The amount of Consumables a player may have in the game is limited to 99 each.
(99 Sage Fruit allowed + 99 Action Rush allowed)

List of all Gauntlet Events

There have already been a number different Gauntlet Events, each with different final rewards.

Name Advertised Timespan Days Final Reward
Berk Brawler's Initiation 2017, Jun. 30 - Jul. 16 16 Knocks Knocks - NBG
Between a Mother and Her Eggs 2017, Sep. 07-18 11 Skrill Skrill - NBG
Dragon Root Mayhem 2017, Sep. 20 - Oct. 11 21 Wavewight Wavewight - NBG
Rush to Rescue Chicken 2017, Oct. 26 - Nov. 07 12 Cockatrice Cockatrice - NBG
Maces, Talons, and Muzzles 2017, Nov. 14 - Dec. 02 18 Firescrapes Firescrapes - NBG
Bork’s Treasure Adventure 2017, Dec. 14 - Jan. 03, 2018 20 Polished Amber Polished Amber-Icon
The Morning After 2018, Jan. 10-19 9 Sparklestank Sparklestank - NBG
Berk at Work 2018, Jan. 26-30 4 Polished Amber Polished Amber-Icon
Recruit Training 2018, Feb. 10-19 9 Irongaze Irongaze - NBG
Dragon Root Growth 2018, Feb. 27 - Mar. 13 14 Rare Card Pack Rare Pack - v1.32.17
Patrol Pursuit 2018, March 20-24 4 Cavern Crasher Cavern Crasher - NBG
Dragon Snatching 2018, April 01-10 9 Polished Amber Polished Amber-Icon
Trader Protection 2018, Apr. 18 - May 01 13 Spring's Shadow Spring's Shadow - NBG
Berk Census 2018, May 09-13 4 Rumpus** Rumpus - NBG or
Junior Tuffnut jr. Junior Tuffnut jr. - NBG
Edge Supply Run 2018, May 19-28 9 Polished Amber Polished Amber-Icon
Hunter Ambush 2018, June 05-19 14 Stonewall Stonewall - NBG
Berk Guard 2018, Jun. 27 - Jul. 01 4 Singetail Singetail - NBG
Ingredient Hunt 2018, July 07-16 9 Classic Card Pack Classic Pack - v1.35.9
Hunter Sabotage 2018, Jul. 23 - Aug. 06 14 Aurvandil Aurvandil - NBG
Scout Scatter 2018, Aug. 15-19 4 Polished Amber Polished Amber-Icon
Draftee Development 2018, Aug. 25 - Sep. 03 9 Triple Stryke Triple Stryke - NBG
Dragon Root Risk 2018, Sep. 10-23 14 Belchfast Belchfast - NBG
Hunter Repel 2018, Oct. 01-05 4 Wavewight Wavewight - NBG
Tiny Tooth Trouble 2018, Oct. 13-22 9 Gold Card Pack Gold Pack - v1.37.11
Merchant Insurance 2018, Oct. 26 - Nov. 9 14 Heel & Brak Heel & Brak- NBG
Dragon Demographics 2018, Nov. 17-21 5 Classic Card Pack Classic Pack - v1.37.11
Dragon’s Edge Restock 2018, Dec. 2-11 10 Rare Card Pack
Hunter Ambush 2018, Dec. ??-??
Preemptive Pounding 2018, Dec. ?? to 2019, Jan. ??
Twin Duty 2019, Jan. ??-??
Foraging Fun 2019, Jan. ?? - Feb. ??

** At first the final reward was Rumpus. The reward was changed to Junior Tuffnut jr. because Rumpus is a Unique Dragon, and it wasn't the first time Rumpus was available; (unlike Cockatrice, which appeared in the game as a Gauntlet reward in its first appearance and not in a Special Event).
This could have resulted in a possible duplicate Unique Dragon (and no more than one of each Unique Dragon is allowed in the game.). Because of this, the duplicate Rumpus would have been removed from the game as soon as next time a player's game was started.

Prior to version 1.26.4, a glitch in the game was allowing players to acquire multiple Unique Dragons of the same name.
(For example, a player could purchase unlimited Scardians without losing any of them. One player had 6 Scardians at one time - "confirmed and verified".)
Version 1.26.4 fixed this and removed all of the duplicate Unique Dragons.

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