The Green Death is a Legendary Dragon of the Stoker Class.

The Green Death is also the subspecies of the Red Death.

The Dragons: Rise of Berk official facebook page released a teaser for the Green Death on May 25, 2015.

Fly over all tasks and be the first to get the Green Death!

Green Death is a permanent dragon and once placed on Berk, it cannot be released in exchange for Fish and Raw Amber-Icon.

Green Death does not count towards the limit of 150 dragons that can be placed outside the Hangar.

The Green Death unlocks Brute Dragons.


  • Complete the Green Death Collection or pay 15,000 Rune Icon
  • Or pay the equivalent of 8,750 Runes ($49.99) without doing any of the above to "unleash" it right away during the pre-release and receive a gift 1,000 Rune Icon after the official release.


  • Lower training costs and shorter training Time at the Academy:

- 20% for 1d for 50 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 5-6)
- 20% for 1d for 100 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 7)
- 20% for 1d for 150 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 8)
- 20% for 1d for 200 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 9)
- 20% for 1d for 250 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 10)
- 20% for 1d for 300 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 11)
- 20% for 1d for 500 Rune Icon (Meade Hall Lv. 12-13)

  • Green Death requires 8h for each search.

Special Abilities

  • Green Death does not collect resources through Fishing and Logging, however the Green Death can collect Green Death Collection Items which after completing can be traded in for Rune Icon, Iron-Icon or Brute Dragons.
    Note: Occasionally, Polished Amber Polished Amber-Icon is rewarded along with the collection item found in each Green Death search.
  • Green Death cannot be released in exchange for Fish.
  • Green Death cannot be moved around the Island of Berk.
  • Green Death cannot be placed in the Hangar

Dragon Design

Unfortunately there is no Green Death Egg or Baby Green Death in the game since it's more of a Game Mechanic / Building compared to the other dragons.

Green Death
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Green Death - FB
Green Death official Facebook share image
Green Death Collection
Green Death Collection
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Green Death ingame
Dragons Rise of Berk - Green Death Legendary Dragon

Dragons Rise of Berk - Green Death Legendary Dragon

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