aka Scrat McAcorn, Scrat

  • I live in California,USA, North America, The Ice Age
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is Looking for Acorns, Hiding Acorns, Fighting Scratte, Kung Fu, Flying U.F.O's, Destroying Asteroids, Creating Star Systems
  • I am Responsible for the Continental Drift and the creation of the Solar System
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  • Sorry but this here > also concerns you.

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    • My apologies.

      I noticed too late that the Fire Terror page existed. Had I known earlier I would have simply edited and renamed the preexisting page. I noticed my error when I saw a comment posted by another user in the latter page. Again, sorry for any inconvenience I might have caused.

      Also, I was not aware of a rule existing that forbade all other users besides you and Grieve of creating Dragons pages. I will refrain from creating new dragon pages in the future.

      Maybe it would be a good idea to create a rule page? Considering the absence of one it might prove useful informing other users of the rules and norms of this wiki thus preventing similar incidents.

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    • Well, it's an unwritten rule.. for now.

      It just saves Grieve some time and effort if he does these pages.

      He knows how to make then on the first try without mistakes.

      As you know this wiki is viewed by 1,000s of players since it has a link for it directly INSIDE the game itself.

      And having misinformation specially for a new dragon.

      Let's just say we don't like that.

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    • I understand.

      I did not wish to cause any incoveniences, but to contribute and aid in the progress and maintenace of this wiki. Grieve has indeed been creating dragons pages for quite a while now, I know. I even created a few myself back in the day, which is why I did not know unauthorized page creation was undesirable.

      Yes, when I saw Ludia mention their appreciation of this wiki on their Facebook page and then add a direct link in their game I was overjoyed, and surprised, might I say, since most game developers and franchise owners don't even recognize their loyal fan's Wiki creations.

      I also understand that considering the mentioned feat, you would like to keep the Wiki standards at a higher level and progress further, which is why I suggested you add a Rule Page to inform new users of the norms and rules, to prevent inconveniences like these from happening.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Dragons: Rise of Berk Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Shivertooth (Exotic) page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • A FANDOM user
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