Purple Death Collections are Collections that once all items are gathered, you will receive a Marooned Dragon for each completed collection.

The Purple Death Collections for Marooned Dragons will only become available after the Purple Death has been unlocked. Unlocking it can be done by completing the following Collection:

Purple Death Collection

Dragons Offered in Purple Death Collections:

There are no Resource Collections in the Purple Death Collections, so every Purple Death Collection is guaranteed to be for a Marooned Dragon.

Needed Collectibles

Every Collection for a Marooned Dragon consists of any random combination of 6 of the following Collectibles:

Marooned Iron Horned Helmet
Marooned Wood Comb
Marooned Iron Spud
Marooned Iron Shovel
Marooned Diamond Sea Urchin
Marooned Gold Outcast Helmet
Marooned Gold Anglerfish
Marooned Iron Sea Sponge
Marooned Diamond Barnacles


The needed amount is only dependent on the Collectible itself and does not change for other Purple Death Collections.

Just like the Drago's Bewilderbeast Collections, the Purple Death Collections also only have one randomly needed Collectible from Explorations

Collection Design

Sample of Purple Death Collections

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