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The Shellfire is a Legendary Dragon of the Tidal Class.

Shellfire was introduced in August 2018 with version 1.36.10.

Shellfire is a permanent dragon and once placed on Berk, it cannot be released in exchange for Fish and Raw Amber-Icon.png.

Shellfire unlocks Grim dragons.


Note: There is no Collection needed to unlock the Shellfire, instead it can be unlocked directly, once all the above mentioned requirements have been reached.


  • Level up the Shellfire with Polished Amber Polished Amber-Icon.png to increase its Boost effect!
    The amount of time reduced in the countdowns is from 1 to 8 hours (depending on the Boost Level).

Note: The Boost only works with "currently running countdowns", so remember to start training or collecting with your Dragons BEFORE starting the Boost. This includes Journeys and Legendary searches.
(The Boost won't work again for 24 hours after using it and will not work for any new countdowns until then.)

Level Speed Up Boost Upgrade to Next Level
1 1h 200 Polished Amber-Icon.png
2 2h 210 Polished Amber-Icon.png
3 4h 260 Polished Amber-Icon.png and
10,000 Iron-Icon.png
4 6h 360 Polished Amber-Icon.png and
15,000 Iron-Icon.png
5 8h None
  • Shellfire requires 22h for each search.

Special Abilities

  • Shellfire does not collect resources through Fishing and Logging, however Shellfire can collect Shellfire Collection Items which after completing can be traded in for Grim Dragons.
    Note: Occasionally, Polished Amber Polished Amber-Icon.png is rewarded along with the collection item found in each Shellfire search.
  • Shellfire cannot be released in exchange for Fish.
  • Shellfire cannot be moved around the Island of Berk.
  • Shellfire cannot be placed in the Hangar.

Dragon Design

Unfortunately there is no Shellfire Egg or Baby Shellfire in the game since it's more of a Game Mechanic / Building compared to the other dragons.

Shellfire (unredeemed) Location.png
Shellfire (unredeemed) Location
Shellfire in-game.png
Shellfire (ingame)

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