Dragons: Rise of Berk Wiki

Completing the Forge Ahead quest or directly building The Great Forge unlocks the upgrades for the Viking Buildings, which will cost Iron-Icon.png to get them to their next level.

At this point in the game it is assumed that the player has sufficient Fish and Wood gathering capacity with their dragons, because resource collection and spending in the game will now include Iron-Icon.png gathering and Iron-Icon.png spending.


Building Progression

Level Maximum Viking Limit Upgradeable Buildings Upgrade to Next Level
Dragons Required Resources Required Time
0 2,550 None 12 Dragons at:
Lv. 100
45 Iron-Icon.png 24h
1 4,550 Viking Shack
Lv. 2 (x15)
Viking House
Lv. 2 (x4)
Weather Vane
Lv. 2 (x4)
15 Dragons at:
Lv. 112
1,900 Iron-Icon.png 2d
2 7,250 Viking Hearth
Lv. 2 (x11)
Lv. 2 (x3)
22 Dragons at:
Lv. 124
Meade Hall at:
Lv. 14
712,000,000 Wood 2d12h
3 7,650 Viking Hut
Lv. 2 (x8)
35 Dragons at:
Lv. 124
14,250 Iron-Icon.png 3d
4 8,100 Grooming Station
Lv. 2 (x3)
20 Dragons at:
Lv. 134
19,500 Iron-Icon.png 3d03h20m
5 9,000 Viking Cabin
Lv. 2 (x10)
30 Dragons at:
Lv. 150
29,000 Iron-Icon.png 3d23h00m
6 10,000 Water Tower
Lv. 2 (x2)
15 Dragons at:
Lv. 165
40,000 Iron-Icon.png 5d16h00m
7 10,500 None None None None

Building Design

The Great Forge Lv 0.png
The Great Forge Lv. 0
The Great Forge Lv 1.png
The Great Forge Lv. 1
The Great Forge Lv 2.png
The Great Forge Lv. 2
The Great Forge Lv 3.png
The Great Forge Lv. 3
The Great Forge Lv 4.png
The Great Forge Lv. 4
The Great Forge Lv 5.png
The Great Forge Lv. 5
The Great Forge Lv 6.jpg
The Great Forge Lv. 6
The Great Forge Lv 7.jpg
The Great Forge Lv. 7