• May I ask how did you guys put tabbers in Infoboxes? On the other wiki, I'm trying to add Tabbers but, it either gives me an erro due the Default or the Format, or it tells me there's something incorrect and such. ;u;

    Grieve told me to ask this to you btw

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    • Do you use <infobox> or tables? If <infobox> and <image>: than you cannt use <tabber> or <gallery> in Template. You can do the tabber only after you file the template on a page. For this you go to "Image" and file <tabber> or <gallery>. It is best, you give me a link to your template/infobox. Than I can better help.

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    • Template:

      Template in-use:

      What I want to add to it is something like all the normal dragons (with Titan) have (on this wiki), where they have a tabber-like thing that can be used to view the titan image's official image. Like Toothless for example.

      I've tried many other things but, it didn't worked. Any idea how to do it? ^^

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    • Do you want that the titan image automatically add or want you it manual do?

      For automatical must you all your titan image and normal image with system upload, but you can it also manual. Example in this wikia we upload normal Image NAMEOFTHEDRAGON - FB.png and Titan NAMEOFTHEDRAGON Titan - FB.png.

      For manual yout can see it here

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    • Oooh, I like it :D

      I think I'll go for the manual since School of Dragons are adding Titan Stages one by one instead of all of them in one.

      But, for curiousity, how do I make it automatic?

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    •     <data source="Titan Image">
      Adult={{#if: {{{Image}}} | [[File:{{{Image}}}]] | {{#ifexist: File:{{PAGENAME}}.png | [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.png]] | }} }}
      Titan={{#if: {{{Titan Image}}} | [[File:{{{Titan Image}}}]] | {{#ifexist: File:{{PAGENAME}} Titan.png | [[File:{{PAGENAME}} Titan.png]] | }} }}
              <default>{{#if: {{{Image|}}} | [[File:{{{Image}}}|275px]] | }}</default>

      That we are use.

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    • I've tried to put that but, it never worked unfortuntely, unless I put it in the wrong place or I have to move around with the codes.

      When do I have to put that exacly? (here is the inside of the infobox btw)

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    • instead of <image/> the code. If exist the image "{{PAGENAME}} Titan.png" than will add automatically this, but if you have file out the field {{{TItan Image}}} than will add this instead "{{PAGENAME}} Titan.png" (You can change the name of the image, but you need for this code a system how you upload the image)

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    • So, I need to replace <image> code with that code and, I also need a system that is according to the codes(?).

      I think I'll go for the Manual system, since it's much easier and the Titan Stage of each dragon is coming one by one.

      Thank you very much for helping me! :D

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    • yes dont realy a code more you must all titan image upload like that "grockel titan.png". But you can also du it manual.

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    • Alright then, thank you :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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