• I'm aware of the Keeping Things Loki quest bug but I was wondering if you could confirm something for me.  (I just unlocked this quest and it's still there in the latest version of the game.)  Do I need Mildew's Strain in order to complete this quest or does it actually count fish but only show the collected wood count?  

    I've read the wiki page several times but am not understanding 100%.  I have several Threadtails on my berk collecting fish but was wondering what is needed to complete this quest.  Thanks!

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    • You will need Mildew's Strain to complete this Quest.

      "Keeping Things Loki" will only count by collecting wood with a Threadtail.

      I personally contacted Ludia and they said that they are aware of the Error Code, but did not provide a timeline as to when they will fix it.

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    • Darn, I was hoping it was behind the scenes collecting fish but only displaying collected wood.  Considering I don't have Mildew's Stain, I'll just have to wait until it's fixed.  Thanks!

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    • I've been waiting since January for them to fix the problem.

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    • Would have been nice if your theory was correct.

      For the game to count the gathered 🐠.

      But not display it in the mission because of the bug. Then the bug would be only be a visual one. But sadly it's not.

      And here we are sitting and waiting for Ludia to feel like fixing it.

      Some of us waiting for a few months and more.

      Me included.

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