• The Wood Stack and Fish Basin are a little confusing. I have been following these pages since Level 12 and find that the Capacity section is correct, but the Vikings needed to upgrade to the next level is one level ahead of itself.  I personally am on Level 14 and upgrading each to level 15 for a capacity of 7,000,000 Fish and Wood for 2,600,000 each and 1d14h to upgrade.  Any suggestions on how to improve these pages? If you could look into this and repair them it would be much appreciated.

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    • Yes, I had a bit of trouble with those at first and I'm not sure either approach instantly makes sense.

      We've put the information on the level where it's relevant (we thought that at level 14 you need to know what the requirements are before you can upgrade to 15, once you are at level 15 all you actually care about is your current capacity and the next upgrade) and the same approach is seen with the dragon pages.

      If you can come up with an idea to make it clearer please put up a blog post with an example so we can take a look.

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    • I just don't get it. I've seen on screen shots in Facebook that Lv. 15 Wood Stack and Fish basin should hold 10mil supply.

      And on Lv. 16 30mil, supply. It says it even in the info .

      See what he is doing.

      He has no idea what to edit just so he can't put in an edit.

      AND BEFORE 1.3 there was no Lv. 15 or 16 Wood Stack of FIsh Basin upgrades so get your facts straight.

      So WTF! PPL?

      This Grieve98674 guy keeps reverting my stuff.

      Get the damn idiot on the Live! Chat. I wanna see his reasons.

      You too Twentypence I wanna have a word with you also.

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    • A FANDOM user
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