• what is a titan mode dragon excatly for monstrous nightmare

    do tehy grow bigger or their abilites more enchance 

    what exaclty 

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    • Take a look at this page.

      Firstly the Titan Dragon is red rather than blue, and I believe is slightly larger. The dragon can collect significantly more Fish and Wood as a Titan, level 52 collects over twice the amount level 51 does. Finally you have to feed a Titan Dragon 4 times to increase it to the next level rather than 3.

      Those are the main differences, there might be some more when battle mode comes out.

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    • titan dragon 

      does their ability of fire enchance and hidden secert ability like maybe spines grow longer and possible fire jacket shown to grow larger that monstrous nightmare reales hidden ability of fire wing cutter attack  like realse fire attacks from flapping wings of cutter on it emenys 

      like pokemon the move air cutter

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    • also do you know the size of monstrous nightmare grows at least 70ft long like the blue ray tivia said 69ft but for hookfang is 61 ft long and wing span 68ft 

      how big can a fully medium size can reach exactly

      medium size is 70ft but large size dragoons will be 71-300ft long

      not sure help me out lol

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    • Sorry, all of that is beyond me I'm afraid, I only know about Titans in the Rise of Berk game, I don't know if they appear anywhere else in the franchise or even if they have information like the size of them in feet.

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