• I am willing to put in the time to add the missing progression info from 61 to 75 on the Dragons with Templates (Thump for example), but I don't have a clue on how go about it.

    So for now no one can input the new information on these Dragons.

    Is there a way to add the levels or do we need to completely redo these pages?

    If we need to redo, I have all the time in the world to do it as long as you can change these pages.

    This is also why I was and still am such a fan of the original pages. These are so user friendly and easy to use for a novice. Once the pages become too difficult to edit, no one will want to add to the Wiki.

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    • I'm going to try and get things moved over to the new templates over the next couple of days, once in those you should be able to update, but if you want to give me a priority list of those you can't do anything with at the moment then I'll work on those first.

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    • Barf & Belch now has the new style, have a play and see what you think.

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    • "After level 1 this Dragon can be released in exchange for a quarter of the Fish spent in upgrades plus the amount for release at level 1."

      That might be true for the first level, but just by using Gobber's Nemesis for example, at level 50:

      One quarter of the Fish spent in upgrades plus the amount of release at level 1 would only make an exchange of 1,275,000, when in fact, at that point he could be released for as much as 8,255,900 at level 50.

      Is there any way to keep the release info on the pages and still have room for Battle info? Maybe place the Battle info with Size info?

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    • You can release Gobber's Nemesis for more than you paid to upgrade? Interesting indeed.

      We could move release info to the end, but it just looks a mess unfortunately. Have a chat with Dark Mastaa and see what he suggests.

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    • New version of the template can be seen in action here: Size and level have been combined into one column and fish for release is back in.

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    • That looks much better.

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