• I have tried to get an exotic shockjaw, I have been offered an extotic tide glider twice, and an exotic thunderpede twice.

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    • hello, what do you mean by "twice"? i didn't understand..

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    • I have 2 exotic thunderpedes… I have 2 exotic tide gliders… I have never been offered the exotic shockjaw collection

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    • so exotics aren't unique?

      my first exotic collection was shockjaw and the second one is a smothering smokebreath, which i haven't completed yet

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    • I wonder why I have never had the chance to get any other type of exotic dragons.

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    • After you click the "Trade In" to get an exotic dragon. The one you will get next is random. From what we know until now.

      For getting the battle dragons is different. They go from the weakest which is the Battle Monstrous Nightmare and most probably continue up to the Battle Sword Stealer. The Battle dragons for now are 20. And after you reach and get the Battle Sword Stealer. The chain starts from the beginning again most probably.

      Only way to get 2 battle dragons if the same type is if you get them from special events also. Or have reached the Battle Sword Stealer and have started the chain from the beginning.

      Stats wise. Concerning battle.

      The only good battle dragon from all these 20 is the Battle Submaripper. it's the best tank dragon. And you may need only 1 or 2.

      The actual best battle dragons are the Fireworm Queen or Barf & Belch for Damage, and the Snoggletog Wraith or Exotic Tide Glider for range.

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    • what I have done: I completed the exotic tide glider collection, after trading it in, I had the exotic thunderpede collection, I completed that too… After completing the exotic thunderpede collection, The exotic tide glider showed up (again)… i completed that… now I have the exotic thunderpede collection (again).

      I currently am at the battle skrill.

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    • Exotic Tide Gliders are best for battle.

      The Exotic Thunderpede is a good fisher.

      The Exotic Grapple Grounder IS the best fisher in the game.

      But we don't know how to make the Collections to give any higher level exotic dragons.

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    • that is very useful information, thank you!

      concerning battles, do you know if the attack waves are finite?

      i am at battle snaptrapper now, but wave 24 is too hard

      does it have to do with toothless' level?

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    • My toothless has been at level 75 for the last two exotic collections.

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    • We assume that the hardness of the battles has to do with Toothless' level.

      But also which Exotic dragons are given in Collections after you "Trade In" for the one you have the items.

      That second part is mostly my assumption.

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    • thanks again

      toothless was level 57 when the first exotic, shockjaw, appeared

      and at 62 when the collection was traded in and exotic smothering smokebreath took his place

      which i won't be completing anytime soon because the collection requires toothless to be at least level 73

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    • Wow what?

      Is the Exotic Smothering Smokebreath that good to require an item that can be only found with Toothless Lv. 73 ?

      If you can write the max stats of your Exotic Smothering Smokebreath, I will make a page for it.

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    • no, he is not anything special unfortunately :P

      here is a photo of his collection items


      (i added a space there, after https:// so it doesn't appear as a huge photo)

      his level 75 stats are 529K fish and 529K wood per hour, search time is 5 hours and 15 minutes and is a ranged sharpshooter rated at 272

      a tad bit better than a "standard" deadly nadder

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    • I guess that's why it's made so much harder to get. Because it's a class of it's own compared to the normal Smothering Smokebreath. Which is 1 of the weakest dragons in the game for farming and battle.

      Here the page for it.

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