Laynee Lu

aka Laynee

  • I live in Germany
  • I am female

Playing since January 2016, and pretty well advanced by now. Reached last game stage a few weeks ago, finished working Toothless' wings off collecting things for the Screaming Death, and am now hoarding runes to buy some extra islands.

Note of apology: I'm doing my Wikia entries on an iPad, which is a pain and a half. I try not to mess up any formatting, but sometimes things just don't work like they would on a PC. Sorry for that. :(

My favorite pages


xP↵Toothless: Level 122

Meade Hall: Level 13

Great Forge: Level 2

Vikings: 6,800

Number of islands: 15 (not yet unlocked: The Long Beach)

Maximum Dragons: currently 47 + 5 Journey Dragons on Berk, 164 in the Hangar

Battle: Defeat Level 225

Arena: 5 Ship

Favorite Dragons I Own

  • Skystreaker
  • Valka's Seashocker (named "Vali & Narfi" after the sons of god Loki)
  • Scardian
  • Flashfright
  • Reignstorm
  • Wise Wind
  • Silent Knight
  • Greenkeep
  • Moldruffle
  • Rockstomper
  • Rattling Smokebreath (named "Li'l Rattledrake" and „Rattle Rascal“)
  • Eggblossom
  • also: Chicken, Chichillen and Cockatrice. Gotta love the fierce fowl. :)
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