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    I have make a video which show you how you can conversion the old Dragon Progession to the table with iron

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    July 16, 2015 by DH2000

    Here are all the links to the FB-Images. Now you can more easily find a new FB-Image

    If you have a code for example this one:

    You can find out all of these Dragon's species with this link. Every time comes before the code

    • Titan: dragons_titan_???_???_generic.png
    • Unique/Exclusive/Exotic/Brute/Seedling/Primal/Exiled:
    • Battle: dragons_baby_???_???_armored.png
    • Premium: dragons_baby_???_???_premium.png

    If you have no Code, then you can use this method to make the searching easier.
    Notice the following steps:

    • Class:
      • Boulder Class : dragons_baby_bld_???_generic.png
      • Fear Class: dragons_baby_fea_???_generic.png
      • Mystery C…

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